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The No Layout Training Program is an extensive professional course divided in levels; level 1 introduces the basic rudiments of the method, using the updated meanings shared for the first time in 2007 by Sylvie Steinbach, in her best-seller "The Secrets Of The Lenormand Oracle".

As a pre-requisite to enroll, each participant has to complete "Symbolism in SLO motion" in order to have a good understanding of the cards' updated meanings as they apply in different types of inquiries. This training is built upon the assumption each student is versed on the content of "Symbolism in SLO motion".

All students should have the book "The Secrets Of The Lenormand Oracle" in hand to refer to its content from time to time; good note taking is important to keep the mind clear and speed up the comprehension. It takes an average of two years of practice to reach a level of expertise that no other traditionally trained Lenormand reader can compete at...

It is the first time we offer this training as a self-paced course with a full year limit thanks to the Teachable - on our previous hosting hub, each level lasted 3 months! Today participants can take advantage of the time allocation to review each lesson as many times as they wish and practice what was shown in their own time before moving on to the next lesson.

Each homework has its separate correction so students can check their mistakes and go back to any part of the content to further their comprehension. The final exam will be sent directly to the instructor for personalized assessment. In order to continue to level 2, the participant must get a B+ on that final exam.

Each lesson has a comment section at the end of the page; ask any question related to the content of that page and the instructor will answer quickly. The training content can be updated at anytime, based on students' questions, including new videos when necessary.

Happy studies!


In the next section, we have added some downloadable material to recap the definitions and profile attributions from our pre-requisite course "Symbolism in SLO motion".


The following content section will be present at the end of each lesson so students can ask questions on the content covered. Please allow 24 to 48 hours for your instructor to reply.