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This bundle is perfect for the beginner in Lenormand who is interested in learning the updated meanings as well as all the methods attached to the French Grand Tableau.

Start with the Lenormand Symbolism In SLO Motion where you will get acquainted with the meanings adapted to modern cartomancy; you will learn the ways the Lenormand symbols speak while Sylvie Steinbach will share some professional tips on specific cards.

Finally, you will embark in the Epic French Grand Tableau and master this traditional layout by learning methods practiced across Europe but rarely explained in English language. Sylvie Steinbach will introduce you to her family traditions and show you with videos and slides the ways of the cards.

You will understand the different meanings found in France, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Switzerland; your knowledge on the French Grand Tableau will allow you to use your oracle in many different inquiries.

The two courses you will access in this package are extensive in content, and fun with videos and illustrations to help you on your journey. Each lesson has a helpful quiz to test your retention and an interactive comment section for questions that the instructor will be eager to address.

Courses Included with Purchase

Master The Epic Lenormand French Grand Tableau A La Steinbach
Learn the traditional techniques, Steinbach variations and professional tips that will enhance your Lenormand practice!
Sylvie Steinbach
Understanding The Lenormand Cards In Today's World
Sylvie Steinbach

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Participants should start first with Symbolism In SLO Motion course before embracing the Epic French Grand Tableau. Practicing between each lesson is important before learning a new content. The Grand Tableau course has a drip process to pace the student and is fully accessible 15 days after enrollment. Sharing content or videos embedded in those courses is prohibited as stated in the terms of service.

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How does a year access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course - across any and all devices you own. You can review, interact with the instructor, perfect your knowledge during the full year access.
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Your Instructor

Sylvie Steinbach
Sylvie Steinbach

Sylvie Steinbach has been a professional super-intuitive for over 30 years with a thriving practice in Los Angeles, California.

The Secrets Of The Lenormand OracleHer first book release in 2007, "The Secrets Of The Lenormand Oracle" rejuvenated the Lenormand to renewed popularity in the English oracle landscape. Her "No-Layout" technique applied to the Lenormand cards has captured the attention of an international audience for many years.

Sylvie Steinbach success continued in 2013 with the publication of the STS Lenormand oracle, a photography-based deck inspired from the 1930's; the following year, the "secrets of the Lenormand oracle" was translated in Russian language and featuring the STS Lenormand oracle.

Hosting online training and live events internationally for years, Sylvie Steinbach has an entertaining and authentic approach to sharing her secrets without compromise.

Learning from this influential author is a real treat for any amateur or professional seeker looking to unlock effective predictive methods.

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